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15 Temmuz mahallesi Halkalı caddesi No: 117/A Güneşli/İstanbul

Starline Pattern Studio is a research, imagination and talent studio where collections are designed and shaped by working with our designers, a team of professionals with the most up-to-date international trends. It can be anything from artworks to print models, from a designer's digital file to sketches on paper, from a magazine to a design stored in the Starline archive. These sources of inspiration are then tailored to the customer's requirements to produce the best fabrics and the most appropriate printing techniques to ensure the best possible color and quality results. Here, we make the most of digital innovation without losing the look and experience of traditional printing methods.

Starline Textile is one of the few companies that use the best digital printing equipment, the best digital system that prints high resolution designs, colors and gradients on any fabric. Our latest generation equipment enables us to fulfill our designers' vision in terms of quality and customization options, even for small parties.

A unique collection presentation combining knowledge with a creative vision..

Print and fabric collection suitable for trend analysis with our rich archive of tens of thousands of rotations and patterns suitable for digital printing..

Pattern, variant, cad studies and fast and high quality service mission in accordance with the wishes of our customers. On demand, our customers work on their own patterns, desired color combinations with the desired quality of fabric production ..